KIKI - interactive mobile promo robot

Increased sales.
Increase customer loyalty to the company.
Reduction of staff costs.

The first Russian robot with advanced verbal and nonverbal communication functions, peerless in our country.

The electronic lady-promoter debuted late in 2015 at the Robotics Expo where it immediately drew everyone's attention.

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  • Мультиварка ТВ. Видеообзор робота-промоутера КИКИ
  • KIKI на выставке MIMS-2016 на стенде Tubor
  • Москвичей покорили роботы
  • Фестиваль "Nano-город" прошёл в Москве
  • Робот-промоутер KIKI на выставке-форуме "ЭкоТех-2016"
  • KIKI в Tesla
  • KIKI на "Московском Боут Шоу"
  • KIKI на программе "Наш человек"
  • Электронный промоутер робот KIKI
  • Поздравление c 8 Марта от рободевушки KIKI
  • Робот KIKI на NewsBox
Robotized self-checkout ARC 70
Optimization of store space.
Cutting costs.
Honesty and kindness.
Marketing opportunities.

Introducing your new to the Russian retail market an innovative product - a robotic self-checkout (RKSO) ARC 70 with an interactive voice communication, the ability to remember and recognize faces as well as the types of the image of the goods.

ARC 70 is ideal for supermarkets and hypermarkets!


Robot-promoter KIKI acted in a very unusual role - assistant toastmaster at a wedding, was held at the hotel «Korston».

Task: To conduct the wedding and entertain guests with the toastmaster

How it was: KIKI with host wedding entertained guests during the festive evening: proposed riddles, held various competitions, communicated with all the guests. On the script, which was written specifically for the robot, KIKI transported to the future and played the role of the bride, who plunged into memories: how she met her husband, how he courted her, etc. It was very touching.

Result: Robogirl KIKI has done excellently in her new role. Newlyweds and wedding guests has delighted such an unusual assistant toastmaster. They actively participated in competitions held KIKI and took pictures.

September 1, 2016 robot KIKI acted as a teacher in the future secondary school number 1270 in Moscow.

Customer: secondary school number 1270 in Moscow.

Task: Perform the role of the teacher in the future with host of solemn ruler, devoted to September 1.

How it was: The solemn ruler, devoted to the September 1, started opening speech of host and robot KIKI:

«Hello adults!
Hello children!
We are very glad to meet you today!
My name is Kiki. Look at me! I am a teacher!
Very soon, in the 23 th century, for all children in schools will be teachers - robots!».

Then, KIKI with the host told to schoolchildren and their parents about how they see the school in the future and what rules will apply there.

In conclusion the official ruler, robogirl said a few parting words to school pupils:

«Well, good luck and happy journey,
Smile, student, don’t forget!
Your school invites you in the Country of knowledge
And academic year starts countdown!»

After the official part, the schoolchildren had the opportunity to talk with an unusual teacher. KIKI questioned them about how to pass the summer holidays, what they expect from the new school year, which interesting facts know the guys from his school history, etc. The schoolchildren with great pleasure answered questions.

Result: Owing to the presence KIKI robot at the solemn ruler, dedicated to 1 September, for the pupils of school number 1270, this day was a real celebration. They in reality saw the robot is very similar to a human and could get to know and communicate to it. Interest from the pupils to KIKI was very big. Perhaps, someone from the pupils of this school will choose a profession relating to robotic technology?

Overnight 17 into 18 July 2016, as part of Slavianski Bazaar in Vitebsk, «EUROPA PLUS TV. HIT NON STOP» staged show where KIKI appeared as a host for the first time ever.

Customer: EUROPA PLUS TV channel.

Task: Announce performers together with other hosts, interact with spectators and keep up conversation with co-hosts.

How it was: Within the first three and a half hours of the show, KIKI appeared on stage more than 5 times, together with her co-hosts Alina Artz and Mikael Aramyan. The lady-robot announced performances of such stars as Willy William, Yegor Krid, Elvira T, etc. Besides, together with her host colleagues KIKI talked about her summer plans, asked the public riddles, revealed her favorite performer and much more.

Result: KIKI has done excellently in her new role. The customer noted that the public reacted very warmly to the robot hostess, KIKI attracted attention and was the tidbit of the show. That was exactly what its organizers strived to achieve.

In May 2016, grand opening of a Mercedes-Benz dealership, Autoforum-Sheremetyevo, was held. KIKI acted as a promoter and co-host.

Task: Greeting the guests of the show and entertaining them until the official part.

How it was: Before the official part, promotion robot KIKI greeted guests at the entrance, invited them to visit official buffet area and take commemorative photos near a roll-up with logos of Mercedes-Benz and the event partner. KIKI also recounted the visitors about the new Mercedes-Benz E Class model to be presented as part of the opening ceremony of the Dealership, as well as about the Autoforum-Sheremetyevo itself. During the entire day, KIKI conversed with guests of the event and posed for photos.

Result: The customer noted that all visitors were reacting very positively to the robot, they were glad to make photos together and interact with her. KIKI has captured the attention of both guests of the event and employees of Mercedes-Benz Autoforum-Sheremetyevo. According to the customer, the lady-robot has met the challenge excellently.

At the end of April 2016, not one but two KIKI robots were employed by the organizers as promoters and guides of EcoTech-2016 Exhibition and Forum, which was held in Crocus-Expo IEC.

Organizer: Crocus-Expo IEC

Task: Greeting guests and conducting excursions around the venue.

How it was: During the 4 days of the show, robot KIKI greeted attendants of the Exhibition/Forum, talked about participating companies, posed for photos and conversed with visitors. Apart from that, KIKI led several excursions for schoolchildren at the request of the organizers.

Results: The school kids were very happy about the unusual guide and the excursion itself. Participators and guests of the exhibitions were glad to interact and take photos with the robot. The organizers expressed their appreciation to Alfa Robotics for KIKI's success in the role of a promoter. They also noted that the robot was very good at talking not only about the exhibition itself, but also about the event's participants.

On March 8 - 12, 2016, KIKI was employed as a promoter at Moscow Boat Show Exhibition.

Customer: Moscow Boat Show Exhibition Administration

Venue: Crocus-Expo

Task: Meeting and entertaining guests of the exhibition, telling them about it and informing them about schedule of events of the exhibition.

How it was: KIKI greeted visitors at the entrance, and on March 8, she congratulated women with Women’s Day. Traveling around the exhibition facilities, she was informing visitors about starting time of events, engaging people in conversations and answering their questions, as well as posing for photos.

Result: The customer was pleased with KIKI's work in the role of the exhibition's promoter.

In February of 2016, the Electromobili car dealership presented KIKI as a sales assistant.

Task: Informing potential clients of the features of Testla electromotive cars.

How it was: KIKI greeted customers and offered to familiarize with the new Tesla electric car. She then proceeded to tell about specifications of the electric car, answer customers' questions and invited them to try the car’s passenger compartment.

Result: Clients became very interested in the electric car. The owner of the Dealership expressed the opinion that KIKI performed exceedingly well as the sales assistant.


According to many experts, commercial robotics is a very promising area of business. The industry has a very high potential for development, its growth trend for the next 10 – 15 years is seen quite clear. At the moment, commercial robotics market is at initial stage of development, competition is insignificant, and this provides great opportunities for growth.

With this in view, our Company is interested in stimulating sales of the Promo Robot KIKI, and to build a dealership network not only in key regions of Russia, but also in CIS countries, Europe and Asia.

We are open for cooperation with companies and individual entrepreneurs interested in development of business related to commercial robotics. As a producer, we seek to form long-term partner relations with our dealers and are ready to contribute to expansion and advancement of their businesses.

Get detailed information regarding our partnership program and joining our dealership network by contacting our Company's managers in any suitable way: via our website, social networks, by telephone or email.

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The main objective of specialists of Alfa Robotics is development of tools enabling businesses to promote their products and services effectively and extend their sales. Robot KIKI is just the perfect tool to achieve these goals.

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